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  1. The jury's panel consists of the most qualified philatelists who have experience in the development of exhibits, know the rules of the FIP and are able to correctly and objectively evaluate the material provided to the exhibition.


  1. The jury's college contributes to the growth of the level of philatelic exhibitions, expanding the range of exhibits, and helps to increase the qualification of jury members of all categories.


Structure and functions of the jury of Ukraine.


3.To the composition of the panel, the jury consists of judges who have the national and the first category.


  1. The management of the activities of judges shall be exercised by the board of the jury of the panel, which shall consist of a chairman appointed by the board of the ASFU, deputy, secretary and members having a national category.


  1. It is the responsibility of the council:


- registration of jury members;


- recommendation and selection of judges to the jury for exhibitions;


- accounting changes in regulations and regulations for the valuation of exhibits;


- conducting seminars for exhibitors and judges;


- training and admission of exams from first and secondment to judges; categories.


- systematically advise the members of the Asphalt Plan for the purpose of creating exhibits and raising their level;

  1. The head, at least once a year, reports on the work done before the board of ASF.


  1. The first and the national categories of judges are foreseen in the Asp.


  1. The first category is assigned by the board of the regional departments of the Asphalt Works after the passing of the exam to the knowledge of the requirements of the regulations of the FIP and the provisions of the Asfu about the exhibition work. Postgraduates are required to have their exhibits, awarded at regional exhibitions no lower than gilded, or regional - not less than a large silver medal.


  1. The I-category SUDs may qualify for a member of the board of a national category subject to:


- Availability of gold medal at national exhibitions;


- passing of practice at three exhibitions of rank "A" or "B";


- recommendations of the regional department of Asphalt Works and examinations of the Board of the jury.


Rights and duties of jury members


  1. The jury member has the right:


- to work as a judge at exhibitions, if he is recommended by the panel of the jury and invited by the organizing committee;


- to make suggestions on improving the work of the jury;


- to advise exhibitors and judges of the 1st category on the issues of creating exhibits.


Duties of jury members:


- to be objective and principled in evaluating exhibits;


- to know and adhere to the requirements of the exhibition regulations, regulations for assessing the exhibits of the FIP and the requirements of the provisions on philatelic exhibitions of asphalt complexes;


- to observe the confidentiality of the content of discussions during the work of judges at exhibitions;


- the jury member has no right to speak with the exhibitors and report the results of the judging to the time of summing up the results;


- the absence of a judge from a disreputable reason for the exhibition entails disqualification for two years, and with gross violations of judicial ethics - exclusion from the panel of jury ASFU.


Work of the jury at the exhibition.


  1. The composition of the judges at the exhibition is approved by the organizing committee on the recommendation of the jury of the ASFU.


  1. The Organizing Committee for the jury works provides:


- meeting room;


- technique for printing and reproduction of protocols;


- lists of participants and prizes, catalogs and forms for evaluation of exhibits and expertise.


  1. The legal jury's verdict is accepted by open vote. At the same number of votes, the voice of the head is decisive.


  1. Jury has the right, on the basis of necessity, to transfer exhibits from one competition class to another.


  1. Information about the work of the jury is strictly confidential and can not be disclosed.


In its actions, the jury is guided by the General and Special Regulations of the FIP, "Regulations on Philatelic Exhibitions" and "Regulations on the College of Jury" ASFU.

  1. The decision of the jury is final and drawn up by the protocol.

18.After completing the work of the judge, they meet with exhibitors near the exhibition stands to explain the results of the assessment.


  1. The head of the jury of the exhibition at the end, after signing the protocols, makes the corresponding entry in the certificate of the jury members.