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Philatelic Subscription

You collect or intend to start collecting Ukrainian philatelic products? Obtain membership card to receive postage stamps and philatelic products! Subscription guarantees the holder of orders Subscriptions copies put in circulation during the year postage stamps at face value. Another ordered products are sold at prices set USEP “Ukrposhta”.

Terms of service for philatelic subscription:

Subscriptions for the year for which it is issued, guaranteed receipt of postage stamps, philatelic products, etc. according to the number specified in the subscription.

  • Subscription is only sold to individuals for cash, not more than one person.
  • Orders for season tickets for next year issued during November this year.
  • Orders for subscription, decorated during the current year, performed no earlier than 30 days from the date of its issuance.
  • Subscription is valid for service in the presence of its signature manager or authorized employee of this facility and postal postmark print calendar.
  • Subscription entitles you to purchase postage stamps only postal facility whose name is on loan.
  • Season ticket holder must redeem ordered products within one month after its admission to the sale, and upon written request – within 2 months.
  • In case of refusal to purchase the ordered product subscription is canceled without compensation to the owner Subscriptions its value.

Making philatelic subscription can be found in postal facilities “Ukrposhta”

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Attention fans of philately!

Now everybody, including the owners of philatelic subscriptions in Ukraine can make custom stamps Belarus in the online store of the Republican Unitary Enterprise postal “Bilposhta» ( ). It recently agreed to postal administrations of Ukraine and Belarus.